Open Books | Livres Ouverts


The greatest resource of the 3M Council are the Fellows themselves – the wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm they possess for teaching and learning in higher education. The concept of this workshop is to facilitate conversations and discussions with individuals in real-time. An attendee can “sign out a book” (a Fellow) and ask questions or engage in dialogue on the book’s chosen topic

The 3M Council includes 3M National Teaching Fellows, 3M National Student Fellows and former College sector award winners. All are asked to participate and as such we have a wonderful blend of books available: each with a title, explaining what they would like to discuss and available to be signed out by a range of participants depending on whether their discussion would be better served one-on-one or in a small group. We also have both English-only and Bilingual texts available.

This workshop is designed to be engaging, inspiring, and interactive in order to showcase the innovative educational leadership and practice that members of the Council of 3M Fellows for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education engage in at their own institutions, across Canada, and on a global stage.

Next Session of Open Books

  • Sports, Concussions and the Pathways to Medicine (English)
    Mathieu Chin (University of Calgary), 3M NSF (2019)
  • Accessibility within Post-Secondary Education (Bilingue)
    Mathew Dueck (Laurentian University), 3M NSF (2019)
  • Une approche holistique pour l’enseignement des langues et des cultures secondes : un monde de possibilités à explorer (Bilingue)
    A holistic approach to teaching second languages and cultures: a world of possibilities to explore
    Aline Germain-Rutherford (Université d’Ottawa), 3M NTF (2005)
  • Practising the Future (English)
    Robert Lapp (Mount Allison University), 3M NTF (2008)
  • Stretching the classroom – how can we make learning opportunities as flexible as possible? (English)
    Pat Maher (Cape Breton University), 3M NTF (2014)
  • Successful Student Partnerships and Challenging Ideas of Consumer-Based Learning (English)
    Ethan Pohl (Bishop’s University), 3M NSF (2019)
  • Ask Me Anything (English)
    Enav Zusman (University of British Columbia), 3M NSF (2019)
  • Belonging in Higher Education or Title: Using Research Based Theatre to Communicate Higher Ed Research
    Mariam Ragab and Laura Bulk
  • Dumpster Diving and Food Security on Campus
    Michael Graeme (University of Victoria 3MNSF 2018)